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CyberSec0 was 'founded' as part of taking a joke too far.

I was looking at domain names, specifically cybersecurity-related ones, and noticed that cybers.eco was available. I thought about it for a bit, realized I'd been meaning to make a blog anyway, and decided that I may as well host it there. It's not like I had anything else I'd be using this domain for, after all.

But even after deciding to write a blog, I still had to find something to blog about. That's where µnix comes in: It's easy to describe, but contains a ton of complexity that'll be fun to explore, and give me plenty of material to write about.

Of course, I have other projects. As mentioned above, I also work on mesher and httpserv, I occasionally blog about developing those. However, µnix has been more fun to work on than the other two, so I focus on it on this blog. At the same time, mesher especially is fun to think about, so it makes a regular appearance as well. httpserv deserves the occasional mention, though there isn't much to talk about, as it's explicitly not meant to be that secure.

Technical info

This site is run on GitHub Pages. The HTML pages served are generated by a bit of janky Rust, and deployed with a git push.

All the HTML and CSS was written by Nic, though of course with plenty of bits and pieces of help from others.

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