No matter how you get in touch, please be explicitly clear about why you're doing it. I can be, and usually am, oblivious. If you want help, be sure to be clear about your problem. If you want mentorship, be clear about what subject.

If you've found a bug or want a change in any of my projects on GitHub, please use their respective GitHub issues. It's much easier to track progress there than in my email.

Likewise, if you have an issue with this site, please submit an issue to its repo.

The best and most reliable way to get in touch with me personally is by email: Failing that, my Twitter DMs are always open. If you'd prefer something encrypted, well, I'll update this page when I set up something I trust for that. Please include the word "vainglorious" anywhere in the subject or text of your message, so I know it's not botspam.

Finally, I do have a phone number and a Discord. However, I don't give out either publicly, and I have my DMs closed on Discord. If you'd like to use either of those platforms, email me, and we can talk about it. Expect me to be suspicious of or outright hostile to the idea, though.